Villas Board Meeting 3-1-2019

For about 15 brief seconds, there was the chance that board member and association president, John Day, was actually going to announce something meaningful in the midst of all the confusion and misinformation relating to our self-inflicted roof fiasco. But alas, what transpired was another huge misstep and disservice to our community.

Apparently, the board had contacted three engineering organizations to commission a report about the state of repair and condition of the roofs but then determined it was “too expensive.” Instead, their trusty and free roofing contractor would be much preferred for the job. If anything can be fudged then this board never fails to disappoint!

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that we need a comprehensive report on the state of the roofs and a reserve study to determine how the HOA will meet its repair and replacement obligations for this community. True to form, the board would rather not have any such report as it would reaffirm, as if further proof were needed at this point, that they have failed miserably to manage and implement a sound financial plan for funding the roof reserve.

Later in the meeting John Day announced that he wanted a letter sent out to homeowners ordering that there be no “half-roof replacements” and further commented that after the roof inspections it was “up to the owners if he/she wants a new roof or not.” So, John, if you can’t replace half a roof then how can it be optional?

Of lesser importance but of some interest nevertheless, Walt Buchner resigned for reasons of being, in his own words, “old and crotchety” which nobody present at the meeting disagreed with. However, it should be noted that Walt has been a board member on and off from for many years and has his fingerprints all over the sad state of affairs that is the roof reserve or rather, lack thereof.

Is it more than just a coincidence that Walt, a self-proclaimed expert on many subjects, apart from roof reserve funding it appears, should be abandoning ship right now as the proverbial crap is about to hit the fan? Thanks Walt!

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